Cerruti srl

Cerruti Srl was founded in Costigliole d’Asti in 1958 and since then it continues its activity in the field of agricultural machinery and snow turbine production, with unchanged passion and commitment.

Today the headquarters are located in Castell’Alfero, in the heart of Monferrato, 40 km from Turin and 100 km from the Olympic mountains, where the entire range of products is designed and built.

The company has two souls, one is dedicated to AGRICULTURE, and the other to SNOW. There are three lines of production for GARDEN: MOWERS, FLAIL MOWERS and HEAVY DUTY FLAIL MOWERS, which can all be combined with any type of walking tractor. There is also a line dedicated to the production of small AGRICULTURAL TRACTORS with loading platform, perfectly suitable for difficult to access lands and all terrain, such as vineyards and hills, being able to count on a load capacity that makes them particularly versatile.

The SNOW section of the company, on the other hand, is dedicated to the design and production of snow turbines of every size, suitable for being combined with both mechanical tractors and hydraulic loaders. There are in fact two product lines, one mechanically driven and the other with hydraulic engines, which can meet the needs of small users, up to large jobs, with machines that reach a working width of 2600mm.

Cerruti Srl has made continuous improvement its flagship: the workshop is a place where the product is made, assembled, tested and improved, with a continuous cooperation between the different company functions, in the different phases of realization. A constant dialogue with the customer, and the great versatility of the employees and designers, have allowed Cerruti to offer its customers all over Europe a product that can be customized in every aspect, adapting to the technical specificities of any brand of tractors and loaders.

Among our strengths, you will also find reduced delivery times due to the fact that 90% of the components are internally produced, the availability of a widespread after sale service and the presence of a technical office that can meet the changing needs of our customers over time.