Snowblower BASIC

for tractors


Name Power Claerance width Weight
 L 900  14/25 Hp  900 mm  125 kg
 L 1000  16/25 Hp  1000 mm  138 kg
 L 1100  18/30 Hp  1100 mm  150 kg
 L 1200  20/40 Hp  1200 mm  165 kg
 L 1300  22/40 Hp  1300 mm  178kg
 L 1400  25/40 Hp  1400 mm  190 kg


1) For a correct performance of the snowblower, it is necessary for the incoming PTO to have a speed rate of about 1000 RPM (otherwise, it is necessary to install a gearbox with suitable ratio ).
2) If PTO is at 1000 RPM but it is higher than 300mm from the ground, it is necessary to install a reverse gearbox.

Technical characteristics - Standard Equipment

Two-stage snow blower

Intake height 650mm

3-point or adjustable triangle connector

Cast iron gearbox

∅ 400 mm auger with ice-breaker

∅ 400 mm second stage impeller

Hydraulic chute rotation

Hydraulic chute deflector adjustment

turbina neve schema 0013 basic


 B scatola ingranaggi 2 alberi

B Gearbox set-up according to users’ needs: reducer-multiplier-reverser 1/1

 C Scatola ingranaggi in riduzione a 3 alberi

C Reducer gear box with double rotation direction shafts

 E Camino espulsione a 2 snodi

E Chute with two hydraulic deflectors

F Rotazione camino con motore elettrico

F Electric chute rotation (without control box)

G Regolazione deflettore con attuatore

G Electric chute deflector  (without control box)

 H Elettrovalvola di commutazione a 6 vie it

H 6-way commutation solenoid valve (without control box)

 I Comando remoto ad 1 leva

I Single-lever control box (rotation/deflector/solenoid valve)

 J Comando remoto a 2 leve

J Two-lever control box (to perform two movements)

 L rulli appoggio materiale sintentico

L Hand-crank adjustable roller skid shoes of plastic material

 U trasmissione cardanica

U Cardan trasmission with SB safety torque limiter

 V Trasmissione cardanica equilibrata

V Cardan trasmission balanced for high speed PTO with speed over 1000 RPM