snowblower BIG 750

Two stage - for BIG TRACTORS


Name Power Clearance width Weight
 L 2000  80/150 Hp  2000 mm  850 kg
 L 2200  90/150 Hp  2200 mm  940 kg
 L 2400  100/150 Hp  2400 mm  1020 kg
 L 2600  110/150 Hp  2600 mm  1100 kg

technical characteristics - standard equipment

Two-stage snowblower

Intake height 1040 mm

3-point connector

Swinging connection +/- 4°

Steel gearbox

Reinforced frame

Gear box with two input shafts, one for the use with PTO at 540 RPM clockwise (rear) and one with PTO at 1000 RPM counterclockwise (front)

Ø 750 mm auger with ice breaker and automatic safety torque limiter

Ø 750 mm second stage impeller

Fully-adjustable chute of galvanized iron

Hydraulic chute rotation

Hydraulic chute deflector adjustment

turbina neve schema 0006 big 750



R bascula con oscillazione

R Swinging connection with hydraulic control

 U trasmissione cardanica

U Cardan transmission with SB safety torque limiter

H Elettrovalvola di commutazione a 6 vie it

H 6-way commutation solenoid valve (without control box)

 I Comando remoto ad 1 leva

I Single-lever control box for solenoid valve

 S Parallelogramma di sollevamento idraulico

S Hydraulic lifting